Friday, 28 December 2012

Disco Ball

In my stocking this year I received the Nailene active square false nail set and I thought I would do a little review on them. As I have previously mentioned in other posts I do like to wear false nails sometimes, but these Nailene ones are so much better than other ones I have tried before. Firstly I really like the shape of this particular Active Square nail because you hardly have to shape them! The glue that comes with the pack is brilliant and very strong! There are a range of sizes/lengths of nails so you ca find some to suit you. They also only take about 5 minutes to put on so there is no fuss or mess. So I really recommend these if you want to try out some false nails that aren't too long or fake looking! 

I also received a few nail varnishes is my stocking, so I thought I would share with you what I used on my nails. The Blue Azure Rimmel polish is such an amazing colour it is so bright and looks fab with its metallic edge! The disco ball one is just as fab because it is very glittery so you only need to do one coat for the desired effect! 


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