Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So everyone else is probably out being cool and getting drunk in fancy dress, and I am sitting in and depressing myself looking at clothes I can't afford on Halloween. I was invited to quite a few parties/events but since I decided to come back home for reading week, I thought I would just sack the whole thing off. Even though after seeing a few Topshop fancy dress tweets and Hilary Duff's skull face paint, I did quite fancy that costume this year, ah well always next year! So if any one else is spending their evening doing the pretty much same thing as me, I thought I would share with you my current wishlist. 
-Stussy Pom pom beanie
-Jeffery Campbell floral backpack 
-Casio Watch
-Huf Socks
   Missoni like underwear
   Corset bra
   Studded boots
   Studded platforms 
   Red lace dress 
   Lace Romper suit 
  Comme des Fuckdowns beanie
  Dr dre Tee
  Celine Tee



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