Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tattered & Torn

Right I am a big fan of wristbands, friendship bracelets and all other fabric related things to wear on your wrist. This summer was the first time I had taken a lot of my wristbands off (or tatty bits of string by Grandma likes to call them) due to working. You name it, and I probably had it tied around my wrist: festival bands, friendship bracelets, name tags... Apart from my Reading Festival wristband  (great conversation starter!) my favourite piece was a simple piece of red string with a 'hipster' cross on. I loved it and didn't take it off for about a year! Until one day it eventually gave up one me and wore away, so I thought this week I would treat myself and re buy it. 
Tattered and Torn

It is from this great blog site called lily loves lola it has a lot of other cute bracelets like this with skulls and peace signs. They are such good value as well (around £2.50) so I definitely recommend buying a few and can be great presents and friendship bracelets. It also comes beautifully wrapped, the packaging reminds me of christmas!


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