Sunday, 12 August 2012

"You turn up, you watch a race, we win a gold medal.”

So my last few weeks have been taken over by the London 2012 Olympics, pretty much all day and night has been surrounded by tv, radio and Internet coverage. Living on the outskirts of London, I have felt so involved (even though I wasn't able to get tickets!) and have become way more obsessed than I thought I ever would! I even ended up sitting on my sofa giggling to myself watching dressage and sitting with my best friends watching the action from the Velodrome in silence followed by lots of cheering. My top moments from the 2012 Olympics;

  1. Super Saturday: with team GB winning six medals in a day including the amazing athletics medals! 
  2. Gold at the end of the tunnel: watching Andy Murrary winning a gold against Feder after seeing him lose and get emotional at Wimbledon. Thought it was so great to see him come back from the defeat after a couple of weeks and play so well!
  3. Mobot Swap: The legend that is Usain Bolt swapping his infamous pose with double Olympic champion Mo Farrah. ( Cheeky fact- did you know the 'MOBOT' pose was actually invented by Clare Balding on the Sky HD show 'A League of Their Own, hosted by James Corden) 
  4. Bronze & Beautiful: The joy of Tom Daley and his team when winning a bronze medal was lovely, the fact he has managed to achieve that a such a young age as well as losing his dad this year is unbelievable, and I can only see a bright future from him. (Seeing him in those tiny speedos was a bonus) 
  5. Team GB: I think overall what I have really enjoyed about the games is the sense of unity and patriotism, as well as the brilliance of team GB, exceeding well over the target of 48 medals. Watching the flag rising and hearing your country's national anthem really does give you goosebumps and makes you feel incredibly proud. I think everyone involved in the London Olympics have done such a good job and have really done the country proud. 
  6. P.S: Couldn't not mention Bradley Wiggins, Wiggo you are THE man! I love his coolness, natural ability to be funny, the side burns and the fact Paul Weller is his idol. I think going out with him and Bolt would be a fun night! 
I pretty much enjoyed every part of it, my favourites were swimming, athletics, boxing, tennis, gymnastics, rowing, cycling and diving. So I hope everyone who has been interested in this years Olympics have enjoyed it, and enjoy the last day and closing ceremony tomorrow!
Me doing my best Mo Farrah impression. Quote by Jake Humphrey. 


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