Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So the sunshine today made me put on my best summer dress and go shopping. I actually wasn't that naughty because I used vouchers and points. The only thing I bought was a lush iced lemonade from Costa!
I headed to River Island first, because a) I have vouchers and b) I saw a dress in there ages ago and was hoping it was still in there! When I first looked I couldn't see the dress I wanted in the place it had been, so as I turned away in sadness, it was hanging there opposite me. I quickly rushed over, picked up my size and went to try it on. I am planning to wear it to Ascot races on Saturday, as I think it is dressy enough but not over dressed for a July race meeting. I shall probably team it with my Topshop wedges, hopefully there will be pictures and I shall post!
I also picked up a cute racer knitted vest in River Island, I thought it was summery because it was white and imagined pairing it with acid dyed denim shorts or indigo coloured skinny Topshop Leigh jeans with gold accessories. I am hoping to test that out on Thursday when I go to the Olympic Tourch Relay Finale in Hyde Park. However I am finding it hard to pick an outfit in such hot weather, as I'm used to teaming outfits with cool jackets and Nike blazers, but its way too hot for any of that. So hopefully I shall find some inspiration in my wardrobe from now until Thursday morning to find the perfect outfit to jam to Rizzle Kicks in Hyde Park.
What I love about this dress, is that it has a kind of see through chiffon over  the shorter dress underneath.  So if you don't necessarily want to get your legs out they can still be seen but at the same time covered. I love the kind of Aztec print it really brightens up the outfit without being too bold. So it is the perfect dress up style dress and you don't even need to fake tan!

All my own images and editing
Maxi dress £35
White knitted vest top £25
Both from River Island

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