Thursday, 12 July 2012

BAL to the MAIN

Balmain's new collection, just wow. The 2013 Resort collection as modelled by Nadjar Bender is simple yet breathtaking. Well I say simple, once you look closer you can see that the particular dresses and jackets have been embellished with beading and in depth designs. This season they have really mixed it up with using soft pastel colours but have also thrown a lot of monochrome designs into the collection, which gives it an abrupt but contrasting edge. The contrast works brilliantly and even merges together by using the flower graphics to soften some garments (reminding me a bit of Stella McCartney hawaiian prints. It has jackets and dresses that use the iconic Balmain padded shoulders and belts are used to clinch in the waist particularly with the leather and jumper dress. I think I love this collection so much is because I can see myself wearing the majority of it, which normally doesn't happen with luxury designers. Balmain are notorious with their huge price tags so their garments are normally draped on A-list actresses and rich socialites. However there is something about this collection that I can see on the likes of Alexa Chung and Lara Bingle (not like they probably can't afford it anyway!).


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